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Cavalry School Training and Battlefield Action

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Troop Forming up at Camp

With General Custer


Cavalry Charge



Braves at the Little Bighorn Reenactment, Crow Agency, MT




Cavalry School, Little Bighorn Reenactment

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Scouts leading the Charge

Fetterman's Massacre


Crossing the Little Bighorn River


Braves Everywhere


Retaking the Colors


Culture and Charisma

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Stage Arrival

Horse Holder


A Meeting of Cultures


Cavalry Trooper & Mount


Ladies with horse


Custer's Last Ride Adventure at Little Bighorn Reenactment

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USCS Banner

Leading String

Custer's Last Stand Fight


Rosebud Battlefield

With General Custer

Custer's Last Stand-Battle


Staff Ride

Cavalry School Graduates


Staff Ride

Custer's Last Stand Fight


Garryowen/Crow Agency, MT - Little Bighorn Battlefield Cavalry Encampment

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Class under the Trees, Little Bighorn River

Little Bighorn Reenactment, Indian Braves, Crow Agency, MT


Campfire Entertainment at Cavalry School


The site of the Little Bighorn Reenacment


Little Bighorn Battlefield, Reno's Battlefield and Retreat


Little Bighorn Reenactment

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War Party

Custer's expedition


Warriors Moving


Pistol Charge


Staff Ride


The Majestic Methow Valley, Cascades of North Central Washington

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Bear Creek Canyon

The Valley


Imposing Peaks


Thompson Ridge


North Cascades


Mobile Training Team; our courses available in WA., MT, or at your location!

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National Guard Unit

Saber and Rings


Prepare to mount


Marching Training


Running at the Heads


Pack Animal Training

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The whole line

Watch that Rock Ledge


Up the Trail


Packing the Loads


Equalizing the Load


Pistol, Carbine, and Saber Training Programs in Action

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Pistol Range and .45 Colt Livefire


45-70 Carbine Familiarization and Livefire at Cavalry School


45-70 Carbine Livefire at Cavalry School


Cavalry Intermediate Saber Training (Mounted)


Little Bighorn Staff Ride - Battlefield Tour

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Battlefield tour - Cliffs above the Indian village

SGT Butler's Grave, Little Bighorn Staff Ride, US Cavalry School


Little Bighorn Tour approach to Weir Point


Little Bighorn Battlefield Staff Ride- Weir Point


Little Bighorn Battlefield Ride - Cedar Coulee


Tactical Planning

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Pause on Campaign


Bob and Joe


Afternoon Pause


General Crook & Staff


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